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RG Bar Services - Bar solutions for your next event

Here at RG Bar Services we are proudly providing bar solutions for events such as weddings, parties, coorporate meetings, and others. Whether all that is needed is the bartender or an entire crew including cocktail waitresses and servers. We'll gladly work from an existing bar or we can provide our own bars. We can also provide supply such as ice, cups, napkins, bar fruits, and more. We are also working together with rental places in case you would like real glasses, tables, heaters, and so on. Our goal is to be your one place stop for all your bar needs!

Further more, RG Bar Services carries a Liquor Liability Insurance which reduces the risk and headache for you and is actually required by many places such as The Marina Village. But we didn't stop there! We also upgraded our insurance for specific places such as Balboa Club House and Carlsbad Pointe Resort and others as well.

In addition, we are also very proud in our customer service and we will do almost all that is in our power to give you the best service you deserve.


Our services have been tested before and clients are keep coming back. Here are a few testimonials from our past clients:

On time, prepared, friendly!
North Island Credit Union Board Of Trustees

Roy did an absolutely fantastic job. He went above and beyond what we originally asked him to by going out of his way to pick up the kegs of beer only hours before the wedding. Thanks so much. Roy, we owe you big time!
Matt and Crystal Golden

Roy ran the bar in a professional manner. At the end of the evening everything was cleaned up and put away. Also he made a variety of drinks for everyone's satisfaction.
Joe and Nancy Gordon

Roy, you are a true professional. You showed up in plenty of time to set up. Breakdown and clean up were perfect. We would and will hire you again next year.

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